Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creative Playdate #2

This creativity playdate was at artist Charlotte Backman's home/studio. Her work is so beautiful! Charlotte told us the history of mandalas and then had us use rubbing plates to create "instant design". Then she turned us loose with black paper and yummy coloring pencils to do our own design.

I'm sorry the photo isn't very clear -- I must get a camera that accommodates shaky hands :-). I'm also sorry that I took the photo after two women had left. I love being around a group of women who are interested in exploring creative expressions. I am inspired by them and the sense of community we are building.

I was inspired to finish my mandala. I was drawn to use the butterfly shape ... perhaps because of the transformative process our creativity playdates is for me.

I've been doing mandalas for the past couple of weeks. I find them quite relaxing and meditative, helpful in times of stress. For the one below, I focused on my students and the relationship I have with them and they have with one another. All different and diverse, together we/they create the unity of a learning community.

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