Sunday, June 29, 2008


In a posting on June 5th, I posted some defeating self-talk. So, what affirmations can I use to combat this?

· I can handle this. I've written books before ... I can handle it.
· I trust the process. The creative process, that is. As I write about it, I am living it and I trust it.
· I am capable and qualified. I have credentials to write this stuff, including a dissertation on creativity!
· I am doing good things. I am making a difference in the lives of my students.
· My work matters. I have something to contribute and it matters.
· I accept myself. I accept all aspects -- the good, the bad, the ugly.
· One step at a time. First things first.

As I embark on coaching for creativity, I find myself being coached and supported. This feels so good, so energizing. I see the importance of having a supportive community as we create. Blogging is one aspect of this community. I find myself, when deeply entrenched in the actual work, not taking the time to blog or visit my favorite artist's blogs. I suppose this is all part of the process, however, I feel like I've missed out on what you all have been doing. And because I'm not creating visual art right now, I don't feel I have much to share. I do have one or two pieces of completed work that I haven't yet photographed ... I'll do that soon and post the pics.

Meanwhile, I am really curious about your creative process -- the call to create, the challenges you face, the treasures you find along the way ... I'd love it if you would share your thoughts on this. Perhaps we can strike up a dialogue that would support one another along the creative journey??

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