Friday, February 08, 2008

Create daily

OK, so you only have 10-20 minutes in your day to create … what can you do with short periods of time and still feel like you have included creativity in your day?

  • Art journal page
  • Take photos and upload to your computer
  • Play with photos on your computer
  • Embellish something
  • Doodle
  • Add color to a blank page using whatever medium is handy
  • Blog surf your favorite artists
  • Click your way to a web site you haven’t visited
  • Add art images to your electronic image journal
  • Add hand stitches to a project
  • Add machine stitches to a project
  • Add beads or buttons to a project
  • Take a walk and photograph what you see
  • Image Journal about your walk
  • Add images to your image journal
  • “Quickie collage”
  • Organize your stash of …
  • Clear off your workspace
  • Pull your favorite materials out and have them ready
  • Do something with your favorite materials, anything
  • Take the next step on an existing project
  • Sketch and journal ideas for a new project
  • Collect sample images, colors, fabrics, etc for a new project
  • Spread your favorite fabrics on your workspace
  • Play with these fabrics, perhaps putting colors together you normally wouldn’t use
  • Spread your favorite papers on your workspace
  • Mix with your favorite fabrics
  • Play with this mixture of paper and fabric
  • Surf the Internet looking for supplies and journal ideas for new projects

That’s the start of my list … what do YOU do when you only have a few minutes?

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kartika said...

You know those tiny canvases you can buy at Dick Blick? - 3 x 5 inches - have them on hand so you can paint tiny art work when you are just tired or don't want to go bigger - they can get you going and you can do a series of them if you get inspired! Kartika