Thursday, January 03, 2008

Love Lists!

I absolutely LOVE making lists … (checking them off is another thing :)

2008 GOALS
As New Years day is my birthday, it’s always a good day to set goals

  • Create group discussion, art around Angeles Arrian’s “The Second Half”
  • “Soul Art"
  • Art Quilts: 4 Generations; Neighborhoods of Color
  • Develop proposal for sabbatical
  • Walk regularly
  • Develop OD course for online delivery
  • Buy a new mattress
  • Babysit Sydney once a month (sleepovers)
  • Eat more vegetarian
  • Small dinner parties
  • Financially prepare for retirement
  • Travel to Spain or Alaska and Philly and Idyllwild and ???
  • Be open to new experiences
Things I LOVE:

  • Early morning, coffee, fireplace, journal
  • Yellow roses on Christmas day
  • Walking in the park
  • A glass of wine with dinner
  • Seeing students “shine”
  • Sydney’s face – all her expressions

  • Books lying around, ready to be read

Getting in bed at night
Naps in the afternoon

  • A new journal
  • Art days
  • Stay at home in PJs days
  • Making soup
  • Coming home to a freshly cleaned house
  • Velvet
  • Red
  • Putting paint/color on paper
  • Mimi’s restaurant
  • Experimenting with art
  • Designing/creating a new class/course
  • Teaching (except for grading papers)
  • The smell of a new car
  • Reading blogs
  • Going to museums
  • Traveling – pretty much anywhere
  • 4 day weekends with no papers to grade and no plans
  • 10 weeks of summer
  • My work schedule (except when I have to go to meetings and grade papers)
  • Reading cookbooks
  • Watching General Hospital
  • Yellow
  • A new piece of jewelry
  • Reading personal journals
  • My bookgroup discussions (most of the time)
  • Planning a new art project
  • Touching art or touchable art or art that invites touching
  • Magazines that I can tear up
  • Reading excellent student papers
  • Inspiring movies
  • Good soup
  • Movie dates with Matt
  • Snuggling with George
  • Filling a page with a list

So … what are your hopes for 2008? What do you love?

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