Monday, December 17, 2007


George and I celebrated our third anniversary last week. We've known each other for life. His mother was my mother's best friend. I grew up spending time with his mother while he was away at college or in the Navy ... thinking all along what a "cute guy" he was. My brother is ten years older than me and his friends set the stage for me liking "older guys." George and I lived in Philadelphia; at one time right across the hall from one another (both of us married.) I moved to California and only heard of him through my mother who would run into him at occasional social gatherings. In 1982 I ran into him in Philly -- he was on his way to the "MAC machine" -- aka ATM. I was taking a walk while my mother was at the doctor's. She claims when I returned to the office, my face was lit up like a Christmas tree. We began a correspondence that resulted in him moving to California in 1983. Except for one brief period when he moved back to Philly, we have been together since.
In 2004 we decided it was finally time to get married. Our wedding was held at The Living Desert in Palm Desert. We had leopards in attendance (along with good friends and family.)
And here we are celebrating our third anniversary.

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Vicki W said...

What a lovely story! happy Anniversary!