Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recent musings

Work has definitely gotten in the way of art making. I just realized I haven’t blogged since October 5th. Nor have I poked in much on my favorite artist blogs. Ugh – work, work, work. I love what I do, especially when I have the summer free. The school year is very very busy. But I have journaled some … so here are some recent thoughts.

“You could sell this!” My daughter-in-law made this statement the other day when looking through my latest book. Some of my friends and family have told me I could sell my greeting cards. I think someday I’d like to sell my art. It certainly felt great when the two pieces were sold at the auction. It’s sort of validating to have someone pay for your work. However, I have concerns:

-- Mass production. I visited someone’s blog recently (sorry but my memory fails me as to whom) and saw how he or she produced numerous postcards. Perhaps it was in response to a challenge, like a piece of art daily or weekly. Melody Johnson mass produced a series a while back. Sonji Hunt mass produces her “bundles.” These artists have decided to take their work to new levels through working in a series. It’s like a personal challenge.

Passion. I don’t yet know what I enjoy enough to pursue a series. I could do a series using shapes I enjoy working with (heart, house, etc.) But on what? Small mini quilts? Postcards? Greeting cards? I love making books! But Lesley Riley prices each spread at approximately $200 (if I remember correctly). Of course she is a professional and can do that. Each page takes hours, no naturally any book would be quite pricey.

--- Time. Perhaps when I retire, I’ll have the time to work more “seriously.” Now simply don’t have the time, other than the ten weeks of summer. However, if I work small, and have a 3-day “art retreat”, I could do some basic construction on a series.

-- Sell to Whom? How? This seems like a question I’d have to figure out (market research) before even starting the process.

Before selling my art, it would be appropriate to submit it somewhere! I’ve had two opportunities this year to submit and I’ve turned each down. Why? Because I simply don’t feel ready. I don’t have confidence in my work, yet. The “yet” is very important. As I develop my artist voice, I will gain confidence. Perhaps next year.

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