Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reading about art versus making art

Just received three more books in the mail – how exciting – more pictures, more instructions, more ideas! The latest ClothPaperScissors arrived, yet more pictures, instructions and ideas. Spent time on the web looking for supplies but printed out three pages of sample projects – more pictures, more ideas. Meanwhile my ironing board sits ready for action. I’ve printed more images for my Christmas projects – they too sit ready for action. I am just not ready for action. Why? What’s the block?

In the meantime, I’m making journals out of all kinds of papers. The first, “Dream” is a journal for adding inspirational quotes and images. It includes “pages” of artist papers, used dryer sheets, paper towel, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, tyvek envelope. The cover is painted watercolor paper, with fabric, papers, and transparency collaged.

“Put It Here” is a place to add stuff – lists, thoughts, images, quotes – stuff of everyday. It’s sort of an “evidence of daily life” journal. The cover is painted grocery bag with papers collaged. As I was painting it and the other papers, my mantra was "I paint, therefore I am."

The pages are cardstock, construction paper, old painted/collaged art, envelope, scrapbook paper. This is a book I made this past Sunday when I had about 5 hours of art time. Inspired by Teesha Moore and more recently Judy Wise, this was a lot of fun to make.
I’ve tried “art journals” in the past. But I want something I can “mess up” and not call “Art” … really use it, play in it, and not worry that it isn’t as rich and beautiful as other people’s. I must get away from that mentality!!

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Kay said...

I've found your blog interesting, as you wrestle with the conflict between wanting to make something and hesitating to start, and selling versus not selling. These are all issues I can identify with.