Saturday, August 18, 2007

Series of Three

These are a series of three: three pieces, three rows, three shapes in the center row. I took crazy patch quilt class from Quilt University and this is the "product." I enjoyed the crazy quilt piecing methods, as well as the diagonal strips (except I know I didn't do it correctly because I wasted lots of fabric.) I love the way the colors pop against the black background.
I haven't decided what to do with these, how to "quilt" them. They are very contemporary looking in their unquilted state, which I kind of like. However, they are also kind of bland without the stitches, beading etc. I like the diagonal shape of the pieces.
So, this becomes one of the "fall projects" along with quilting the Matisse. It's fun to have the quilt tops, but challenging to figure out what they want in terms of quilting and embellishment.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely work- reminiscent of quilts but new look with paper cut feel to them!