Saturday, August 18, 2007

End of Summer

OK, so summer is over (for me as I return to school on Monday – ICK!) What have I learned? I set out with a set of objectives:

· explore the question of “what is art?”
· explore the basic design techniques of art-making (design elements, design principles,
color, composition)
· explore various media
· oh yeah, have lots and lots of fun along the way!

Art for me (as of today) is:
· an expression of curiosity (what if …?)
· an expression of meaning (what is important to me?)
· a way to deepen my thoughts and feelings (example, new thinking about connections and intersections)
· a way to bring beauty into this often dreary world (sometimes I just want to make a “pretty picture”)

I learned that “basic” art lessons …
· can be fairly boring – I didn’t stick with the line, color and composition lessons very long J
· but important – I’m more aware of line and I still have learning on composition
· need to be repetitive until the elements become “natural” and habit

But art lessons beyond the basics …
· are LOTS of fun, especially when it involves travel and retreat
· less fun when taken online, even though they fit into my schedule during the school year

My inspiration comes from many sources …
· books, magazines, internet – viewing work of artists I admire and thinking “I want to do that!”
· instructional articles and books
· my love of houses and community, how houses can be so similar yet unique, how people come together
and live in community yet remain individuals
· my secret desire to have a “cabin in the woods”
· nature – trees, flowers, gardens, meadows, parks, forests …
· “handmade” – stemming from a tradition of women who made hats, clothing, etc. Putting my “hand” on
my art, for example altering commercial fabrics and adding hand stitches to most of my pieces
· my desire for world peace and the challenge of doing what I can do to support that effort
· my faith in the strength of women, coming together to create a better world

I created a lot! These have already been posted ...

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