Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nature's Glory

Last week I visited Quilt Visions Art Quilt Gallery in San Diego where the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection was exhibited. What a fabulous collection! My favorites were Pamela Allen (The Cherry Picker, Funky Fiddlers, Eve Under Scruitiny), Noriko Endo (Autumn Walk), Sue Benner (Dear Nine Patch #6), Cindy Rinne (Erosion) and Jamie Fingal (Welcome Home). Also on exhibit were many quilts by Ruth McDowell as well as Frieda Anderson (Walk in the Woods), Jane Sassaman and many more.

I was inspired by Noriko Endo to create a woodsy scene, using tiny scraps of fabrics.

The "forest floor" also has candy wrapper, scraps from a book page, fabric leaves, and raffia. I tried adding glitter but the netting wouldn't contain it, (and I ended up with glitter everywhere!) I'll add a few gold seed beeds.

A scrap of salvage found it's way into the mix and provides the name for the piece, "Nature's Glory."

Noriko had added a jagged white stitch to one side of the trees to show light. I added a gold zigzag stitch as I'm still not comfortable with dropping the feed dogs.

There are several layers ... I actually started by painting batting. I then added the scraps and trapped them with green and white netting and machine stitching. Then I fused the tree and house shapes, using a satin stitch around the larger shapes.
Then I read where Noriko uses layers of soft black tulle, so naturally I had to go buy some and used that over the whole quilt and added the final quilting with monofiliment thread. I left the edge irregular because I didn't want to confine "woodsy scene."

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