Monday, August 06, 2007

Busy Intersections

I used painted paper towels, the ones that are under fabric, paper or canvas that I paint or use for brush cleanup, to cover a piece of burlap. I machine stitched a square grid to represent a “street map” of sorts. I fused leftover scraps of fabrics from other projects to represent colorful and diverse “neighborhoods.” The black lines represent the interconnections needed for a peaceful co-existence. I then stitched a diagonal grid to further represent connections and intersections. I used oil pastels to add a sort of gritty color in places and a Shiva paint stick to add gold highlights, coordinating with the gold in some of the fabrics. A bobbin had broken recently so I couched the black thread to form a semi border. Of course I had to add beads and buttons. You may not be able to see but I left the burlap showing in some places around the edges for interest. This is a quilt with only two layers. I’m probably going to attach it to black foam board and frame it. My husband’s reaction was “It’s busy”, hence the title, “Busy Intersections.” I love using scraps to create a piece of art!

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