Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fused paper collage

Ala Traci Bautista ... fused papers. Base of these are paper towels that have been painted. I have a large stash as I place them under fabric that I'm painting or for brush cleanup. So I tore up pieces and collaged with mat medium.

Once fused with some embellishment (stamps, some stitching around heart shapes), I put a layer of gloss medium to "seal" and provide shine.

Then I added lots of embellishments:

paint pens with stencils, acryllic paint applied with brush to create a pattern, doodling with gold metallic pen and white pen, collaged images, sticker letters, and more stitching.

this one started with a few pages of text and images under the layer of paper towels. You can still see some of the text because the fused towels are somewhat transparent.

I'm thinking of printing on fabric as that may be interesting to work with. Definitely will print on cardstock for cards and art journal pages. Fun to be working with paper, but next is to do fused fabric collage ... and then put the two together in some form. So, even though I'm back to work, I spent my Friday creating the first of several art journals, which I'll post pics of soon. Life's good!


Nellie's Needles said...

mmmmmm mmmmmmm .... what FUN!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work and great use of environmental hands on material!