Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun with Paint

For fun I painted lutradur. I love the way it accepts paint. I blended the paints with a natural sponge and rag and paper towel and my fingers. The more I rubbed, the more the natural fibers show in the fabric. It takes on a very interesting texture.

I had four layers: the top piece where I added paint directly, cotton muslin fabric, another piece of lutradur, and paper towels.

I used the fabric as the background for this piece. To the fabric, I collaged text from an old book, and pieces of paper towlels. The focal point is from the crazy patchwork I made with reds and purples. I realize as I look at it that I need to bring in more purple into the background. I also realize that the piece is fairly dark, with little contrast. I actually used voile netting to "tone down" the pieced fabric because there was too much contrast. The background just needs some more purple and some "highlights".

I think she has become my "signature" -- peaceful warrier.


Sonji Hunt said...

Oh, Jan. I really like this piece a lot. Beautiful work. It looks joyful and peaceful and strong.

Nellie's Needles said...

This is a glorious piece. The peaceful warrior would make a wonderful signature.