Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Evidence 1

This morning, rather than continue with my color art lesson, I decided to do a collage with some of my Paris papers. Re-reading Leland and William's Creative Collage Techniques, sparked my interest in working with paper and glue again.

I chose canvas board as support because 1) it is sturdy and 2) available in my supply closet. As I glued white tissue paper to the board, to create texture for paint, I became excited. I remembered how much I enjoy working with paper and paint and glue.

As I added paint, my energy level rose. I used CP Cadmium Yellow Dark and Anthraquinone Blue, mixed with water. Once dry, I wiped Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold over much of the surface.

I was surprised at how little papers I had collected. Even though my plastic bag will filled, I actually have very little of interest. I love the papers we pulled off walls and billboards! I wish I'd been more courageous about picking up papers off the street, however my fear of germs prevents this, and Paris is quite clean -- they have trash receptacles on practically every corner. Selecting and arranging and glue was great fun -- I felt a rush to be working with paper again. The process is so much quicker and more spontaneous, even more than working with fused fabrics (perhaps because I don't fuse a lot of fabric before starting, slowing down the creative process to fuse as I go ...)
I wiped a wash of Transparent Red Iron Oxide over much of the surface to age and connect. I also deconstructed a little to represent the billboards.
I wonder if I should turn this upside down -- much of the text is facing down ... must remember next time to check out the large letters and make sure they go in a variety of directions.
Anyway ... yes this lights my fire and I want to do more!

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kartika said...

This one is wonderful - once again, your work is inspiring! Kartika