Saturday, June 02, 2007

3 days left

Phew, almost finished with my grading ... why do I demand such large papers from my students -- why can't I learn to assess their knowledge based on a presentation, as some of my peers do? It's just that I was trained to demonstrate my knowledge through written academic, scholarly papers ... and that's how I best assess learning. But it sure does become a burden at the end while one prepares for summer... However, only 5 research papers left to read and I know they will be great because I've seen their progression all along.

I just signed up for Lesley Riley's class at Idyllwild Arts. She just returned from Italy and I look forward to seeing her photos and hopefully some of the fabrics she brought back. I'll be bringing my photos from Paris as well as fabrics I gather along the way.

Fabrications - Surface Design & Fabric Collage Lesley Riley
July 6–8 Course # AAFC ØØ
Three–day session. Long to play with different materials? Confused about how to do certain techniques?Want to turn a ho-hum fabric stash into treasured textiles? In this 3-day class with mixed-media artist, Lesley Riley, you will learn how to create one-of-a-kind fabrics and incorporate them into fiber and mixed media collage. While we will be working with fabric, most of the techniques are applicable to paper, canvas and other surfaces as well.This class welcomes artists from different backgrounds who want to learn how to use fabric in their art, as well as quilters who want to expand their vision. Surface design techniques that will be covered include: fusion, monoprints, discharge, rubbings, masking, stamps, foils, stencils, overdyeing, painting, crackled surfaces and image transfer. You will be able to experiment with a variety of materials and create a fabric sample book of techniques.Drawing form your new creations, you will incorporate your fabric into small stand-alone works of art, or components of more complex pieces. Individual attention will be given to each student with an emphasis on composition and design. Sewing experience not required.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I took her class last year and loved the work I did. This will definitely support my summer art lessons :-).


Barbara said...

Gorgeous! I love your creativity!

Roxy with the Moxy said...

Jan, loved your musings.... I just finished my last year of teaching, too...... I never had to read papers, only grade self-portraits, drawing assignments, Art Foundations finals, etc. Like a dummy, I gave a 6 page final to all of my 75 Art Foundation students. (Easy to grade, though)- I ALWAYS hated grading !!!!! Have a great summer vacation !!!!