Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trying Something New (with pics)

OK, so I have some time between grading papers and class preparation and meetings to try something new. I’ve decided to follow Nellie’s “Crinkle Quilting” tutorial.I pulled out my bags and bags of scraps – I think they multiply when I’m not watching – and sorted into two kinds. Scraps that are large enough to use in pieced or appliqué work and scraps that will become strips for hooking. I ironed the scraps to be used in this piece, sorting into small, medium and large sizes. Using the log cabin pattern (my favorite, well to be honest, the only one which I know) I pieced four 6” blocks.

What was fun and amazing was, as I pieced, the “perfect” size and color scrap was there waiting to be added. It became a very serendipitous flow, almost meditative. I enjoyed the wonkiness of adding fabrics with no plan, as I read the women of Gee’s Bend did when piecing, just pulling a scrap from the batch and adding it, cutting as you go.

Because I enjoy this process so much, I need to figure out how to make art quilts with these blocks. I could make a small quilt for Sydney, but I hate the thought of working with a large quilt again. Back to the books for inspiration.

For now, on with the tutorial. I cut the blocks to be 6” square (sort of). Then I layered them and cut them on a diagonal (sort of). I considered using the ruler and cutting straight lines, which would have been within my comfort zone, but I decided to be brave and cut curves on a diagonal. I must say that was somewhat scary.

However the next part was fun. Moving the pieces around to find a pleasing balance of color. I like the way the colors pop against the black fabric. Once I had the pieces in place, I used a small zigzag to appliqué the pieces to the black fabric. Nice. Love it … what could I do with this?

OK, the really scary step was next. She said she cut away the black fabric from behind the pieced sections … I really didn’t understand this step but I trust Nellie (and myself apparently) and cut the first section. Oh, I see, the black fabric then is ready for use in another project, and this piece is now a single piece of fabric. Wow.

Next I have to buy spray starch when I market this weekend and I’ll get back to the tutorial on Sunday. As I’m away next week, it will be good because I won’t be tempted to “check on it” until a week has passed. In the meantime, I’m putting this up on the design board to ponder what else I could do with it. And I’ll make more blocks.
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StegArt said...

It looks great so far. I'm anxious to see how the crinkling part goes.

Beate Knappe said...

This looks wonderful

Nellie Bass Durand said...

I'm pleased to inspire you to make this wonderful composition.

Barbara said...

Wonderful colours! I am loking forward to see the next step!

Sarah said...

I love how this is coming out!