Monday, April 16, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

I'm honored to have my blog chosen as a blog that inspires Nellie of Nellie’s Needles. How cool!

I have several weblogs that I read regularly. I have learned a lot from each of them. I love the fact that artists are taking the time to share their thoughts, their process, their progress. As Nellie said, it is like a “stream of interesting friends visiting me in my studio …” I find so much inspiration.

I would like to pass the "Thinking Blogger Award"on to the following people (difficult to limit this to five):

Lesley Riley at
Susan Shie at
Sara at
Beate at
Liz Berg at

I also would have honored Sonji Hunt but she had already won.Another heavy inspiration has been Melody Johnson but she too has already been honored. Others include Alma Stoller and
Deborah Boschert.


Beate Knappe said...

This is a honor for me Thank You a lot

Sarah said...

Thank you so much! Quite surprised! :)

Sonji Hunt said...

I think that in one way or another we all inspire each other in this blog ring.

I love your "first" art quilt. It's quite rhythmic. You are going to be FABULOUS, Jan.