Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Times

This is my very first art quilt. I started it last summer and finally finished it this winter. Following the traditional nine-block design, I used commercial fabrics for the background of each block. I used hand painted cotton for the circles (Luminere paints). I fused the fabrics together, and used machine and hand stitching. The blocks are machine stitched to a background fabric that I had “decorated” with some fancy machine stitching. I added beads in a sort of flowing line to create additional dimension. The circles reminded me of dancing and happy times. Approximately 15x15.
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Nellie Bass Durand said...

Yes, this conveys happiness ... makes me smile.

You have expressed concern about finding "your voice". I see a specific style in all these pieces that you've posted. There is a similar palette of hues and values and there is playfulness in the presentation (even for serious content). The construction is primitive/folkart like. Now this may because your sewing skills are limited, but it works. Your pieces seem to be holding together for the purpose of hanging on the wall ... it's functional sewing. I'm sure you'll either figure out or pick up methods that will serve your art pieces.