Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Ruined! This is a piece I'm doing for the paper quilt challenge. It was all done and ready to be photographed when I ironed a label onto the back and melted and distorted this section. Now what? I think my options are:
  • Melt other sections to make it look intentional
  • Add another fabric backing and quilt the sections to try and straighten
  • Throw it out and do another

They say mistakes lead to something new ... I hate to give up on this because I've put hours into it with all the hand stitching and beading. So I'm looking for some inspiration on where to go next with it.

And all this because of a label. I printed the labels on Tshirt transfer and messed up all three pieces (however the other two are salvageable). This one melted. On another piece I printed mirror but followed the ironing directions for regular printing and so the printing is backwards (fixable -- just put another label over that one). On the third piece I forgot the parchment paper and transferred the words onto the iron! This is not my first boo boo with transferring -- I appear to be transfer challenged! Plus I forget about the label until the piece is all together and then need to use iron transfer instead of sewing. Frustrated!


Nellie Bass Durand said...

I don't see anything amiss. You have a strong element of "deconstruction" going on ... loose edges, no fine hand-sewing, etc. This section just looks more so than the others. If anything, how about more scorching? Maybe a few jagged cuts. The juxtaposition of smooth shapes and rough backgrounds works for me.

Barbara said...

what a wonderful blog!!
I get many inspirations!! Thanks Barbara

elizabeth benson said...


if i could wave my magic wand (i bought one today--at the dollar store--it has an annoying way of blurting out it's mechanical sound with any vibration of jostle--but has also served to remind me over and over throughout the day that magic is all around us and miracles are possible) so, what was i saying, oh, yes, if i could wave my magic wand, i would wish for you to suspend judgement, stop wanting your work to turn out a certain way, and give some room and grace and acceptance for art happening through you any way it does. i have a much better time in my own making when i can go with the flow of what i want to call a mistake--a think to stop and fix--i find my work works out if i stay in the process, find my joy, follow it deeply--as if tracking it by only it's paw prints in the snow--following it through the dark woods and out onto the other side--toward some warm cabin of home. when i check my judgement and evaluation at the door, i can fall deeply into the play of my studio, and when i do it right, i can always be happy with whatever happens--because for me, the process is the true art--the opening, the allowing, the joy of recognition as what comes through a humble me. i hope this message lands with encouraging whispers in your ears. keep going. suspend judgement. there are no mistakes (in life or art). keep making. eBu

Jan said...

Elizabeth, thank you for your words of encouragement. I will be posting the pic of the piece that emerged once I get time to photograph it.

Kathy Wagner said...

I would probably snip out the melted or wobbly parts and stitch something on top of those places.
Definately don't throw it out...it is wonderful!