Saturday, February 17, 2007


Birthday bouquet - "Always in Bloom". It was my daughter's 38th birthday on Thursday. I finally finished her art quilt in time for today's celebration. The pic is horrible -- I struggled to get it in the frame just so, forgetting to scan it prior ... I'll take a better pic with the camera later. Even though there is low contrast, I'm pleased with the outcome. There's lots of dimension (flowers are quilted with 2 layers of cotton and felt in the middle) and texture (beads, feathers, fibers, netting, hand stitching). The heart shape is artist paper that I coated with gloss medium and painted, stitched and beaded. I hope she likes it.

Ya know, I struggle with giving my artwork to my family. I wonder if they'll like it. I worry that I don't get the reaction that I'd like. Which makes me wonder why I make art as gifts? I want to share my art, but I resent (that's fairly strong) when I don't get the "wow" reaction. Of course some things simply aren't "wow" stuff. I certainly got the wow from the fabric photo books I gave at Christmas. And I got a "wow" reaction to Sydney's birthday quilt. But I got NO reaction to the valentine's cards I mailed. Not one of my family members called me and thanked me. George was pretty luke warm over his also. It's not that I think they're so great ... it's the time I took to make them. Does anyone else struggle with this?


Nellie Bass Durand said...

YES, it is a struggle of emotions when gifting my art to some family members. Usually I get a chance to gauge a reaction to the piece before I decide to give it or not. However, one of my best pieces in rolled up in a daughter-in-laws closet. It's one she was delirious about having at the time, but now desires to have a minimilist decor in her home. I feel like asking for it back.

As for valentines, all my friends have expressed appreciation for the ones I sent. Family members haven't acknowledged receiving them. Bah Humbug!

Kathy Wagner said...

Yes...I know exactly what you mean.
I made quilts for my siblings at Christmas and the quilt I liked the most, thought was the best, and put a lot of creativity into quilting, was not well received by that sibling. I don't think she liked it at all. I thought about that scenario as I was making the quilts, but reminded myself that I do this for ME! The experience of the creative expression and personal development is the goal. I always take a few photos of the quilts/cards I give away and remember what I learned and experienced, and what I gave of myself... and if the receiver ends up hating it or leaving it in a closet, that's okay with me. Of course, I prefer it when they love it and get lots of enjoyment from the gift, but either way, I benefitted from the process.
Happy Quilting!