Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Awaiting Time

The holiday is over and I'm back to work. I had 17 days off and hoped to get a lot of art done. However because of the holiday, I got very little done. Instead I met friends for lunch, hung out with my family, went to the movies and celebrated my birthday. A very relaxed holiday this year. Very enjoyable. We had beautiful weather in Southern California.

I started an art quilt of self expression. Having just taken Susan Shie's Personal Symbols class, I'm fascinated with the use of icons and symbols to tell my story. While one of my goals is to be less "repesentative" in my work, I still feel the need to express myself through symbols. So I got a few blocks done on the piece and it's up on the design wall, awaiting time.

As I was sorting through all the papers in my attempt to de-clutter my space, I came across many images that I've printed throughout the year. One captured my attention and led me to start another art quilt using "houses" as the symbols. I already have a title for it -- "Fascinaiton with Houses", which I have both in my life and in my art, as "houses" appear in much of my work. I completed three blocks for this quilt, and it too is awaiting time.

The problem with looking at images in books and on the internet is that I get too many ideas! My sketchbooks are filled with ideas for art pieces ... just awaiting time.

I did actually start and complete this piece, Baby It's Cold Outside. This was inspired by my fascination with buttons. I have quite a nice collection of buttons from my mom. As I was poking around in the button box and selecting those that I wanted to try out for this piece, Ave Maria played on the radio. This was my mom's favorite piece of music. It was as though she came to me and was with me, helping me with the selection. It's been four years since she passed, and I hadn't felt her presence as much as I did that day. A highlight of the holiday!

11x13 Commercial cottons and batiks; netting; buttons and seed beads; embroidery floss.
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Awaiting time ... the spring semester is always a long one with very few breaks until June. So many ideas, so many projects started and waiting, I look forward to the days when I get to play at art full-time (in 3 or 4 years I'll be able to retire.)

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