Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Art Goals

I intend to continue the journey towards finding my artist voice. I've spent the past year being heavily influenced by the work of others to educate me on techniques, topics, colors, design, etc. I will continue to allow others' work to guide and inform, but continue to seek what's inside me waiting to emerge.

I would like to learn:
  • Working with polymer clay
  • Making fabric books
  • Abstract/non-representational art
  • Design elements/principles

I hope to take classes:

  • Traci Bautista
  • Lesley Riley
  • Susan Shie (if she reopens her studio)
  • Aviva Gold -- Painting From the Source
  • Susan Sorrell -- embroidery

My art goals are:

  • Monthly Art Journal Quilts (self expression)
  • Book Themes: Sydney's year in review; Old-Fashioned Romance; Peace; Design Elements/Principles
  • Large wall quilts (36x36 or more)
  • Continue blogging and sharing my work and musings
  • Sell something (stretch goal)

The journey continues ...


Pamela Taylor said...

Jan, your work is beautiful. I,too, have been inspired by Lesley Riley and do fabric art. I really like your bookmarks...I make those as well but yours are especially lovely. I just started blogging, too, for some of the same reasons you did. Here is to The Year of the Journey! Good luck!

Jan said...
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