Monday, October 16, 2006

Fabric Collage Lessons 1 and 2

This class is about hand stitching ... no sewing machine required.

The first step, after selecting the fabrics for front and back as well as the middle light weight interfacing, is to join the three pieces with a running stitch. I can't sew a straight line by hand any more than on the machine :-). Then, you turn the backing over onto the front to create the border and stitch. I used a slanted stitch on two and blanket stitch on the third. Clearly I need to learn more about these embroidery stitches!

I fused the back fabric so the edges wouldn't be as frayed, but the raw edge apparently will be covered with stitches and beads?? I like the look of the different thread colors which adds interest.

Lesson #2 was to select and design an image for the piece. I have three images in mind (and in my sketchbook). I fused the large pieces onto the quilt.

So, I'm ready for the next lesson!
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