Sunday, September 17, 2006

Journal Quilt Lesson #3

Lesson #3: Intriguement

“Stories on The Block”

I enjoyed the Journal Quilting lesson on intriguement. Brainstorming a list of things that intrigue me, I selected "Houses" as a topic for this quilt. I am intrigued by who lives in these houses. What is their life like? What stories are to be told? Who sings the stories held within?

A goal I have for each journal is to try something new. For this quilt, I integrated paper from a book (with gloss gel to make it pliable) to represent stories. I stamped and overpainted commercial fabric (learning that when you paint over stamped fabric, it runs!). I had never used eyelets on fabric, which turned out to be a fun element. And I learned how to make a door that opens ... I added a piece of gold metallic thread to wrap around the button, allowing one to open and close the door. The word you see if you open the door is “secret”. I call it "Stories on the Block" as I used a fairly traditional block pattern.


jenclair said...

I like your houses very much. Great color...fairly laughs out loud.

kathy said...

I love this piece! It's a nice interpretation of a traditional square, though the traditional part is lost on me!
I've just read your blog for the first time and I'll be back.