Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mixed Media

This is some of the work I did this summer as part of my mixed media painted collage class with Odile Nicolette.

For this piece I used a variety of textured handmade papers, painted paper towels, and acrylic paint mixed with sand. For embellishment, I added lace, buttons, beads, eggshell, and glitter. These are on artist canvas. It reminds me of the sunset where the sky looks like a Monet painting. I call it Beach at Sunset.

This is called "Night Traveler". I used textured handmade papers, some painted with acrylic, painted paper towel, tissue paper, and fabric, glued on a canvas board. I usually work in bright colors and figures facing the viewer, and like the darkness and mystery of this piece.

I was inspired here by our trip to New Mexico a few years ago. I loved the mesas and pueblos and tried to represent them in this piece. I used painted tissue paper, textured handmade papers, painted paper towels, three cup holders from different coffee shops which were painted, painted, scraped and stamped watercolor paper, acrylic paint mixed with modeling paste, and pencil. The "ladder" is rug hook material. It is on canvas board. I really enjoyed working with a variety of papers, creating a very textured piece, called "Memories of New Mexico". This was another attempt at limiting my color palette, which has been a challenge.

The limited color palette challenge was put aside for this piece because I wanted to represent a Caribbean village that is full of color. I have found buildings and homes abstracted in much of my art. The sky is painted copy paper with machine stitching to represent moving clouds. The landscape is paper towels painted with acrylic paint and pastels. The bottom is painted paper towel and handmade paper, representing water and sand. The buildings and tree are painted watercolor paper and canvas. Fabric is also used. The pasted papers are text from a book, magazine cutout, scrapbook paper, and a used stamp. Buttons, machine stitching, glitter and glitter paint are used for embellishment. The buildings in Hillside Village include a library, post office, bakery, office building and church (both of which have bars at the windows), and a school. I had a lot of fun doing doing this, however am not pleased with the background, and the pieces don't feel integrated.

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