Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 more books

Still making books from one sheet of paper. Folding and cutting techniques to create different structures.

French Door Book
Painted, stamped and doodled paper.

the "french door" is in the middle

here you can see the backside of the paper which has a light wash only.
No content yet ... however, thinking of following the graffiti theme and adding photos of graffiti I've taken on various travels, mainly in Europe.

Meandering book.
Painted and stamped paper both sides
Front view

top view

inside page view
Again, no content yet. Thinking of making it a "map" of my granddaughter's years.

Accordion Book with Pockets
Scrapbook paper 12x12. Folded to create pockets
I created a "belly band" with a complimentary scrapbook paper.


inside view with pockets which I filled with tags
This is for my son for father's day.
I absolutely love love love making books! Hope you are having a creative day!

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