Friday, November 08, 2013

recent journals

these are small booklets that I will gift or sell

I used coptic binding for this and learned not to stitch so tightly ... it doesn't stay closed but looks really cool fanned out. Not sure if I'll gift or sell this or keep it to play in myself.

This is a fun book ... I had photos left over from various trips ... photos that didn't make it into the travel journals. So I sewed them all to cardstock and created a book that is fun to flip through because it isn't really organized, and you never know where you will memory travel back to with each page.

My November "daily" ... of course I don't add to it daily ... I really love making these much better than filling them. 


Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

Your books are a real delight Jan! I'm inspired but I'll have to wait until a weekend or my nice long summer holiday break in December when I'll have 6 weeks of playtime! Maybe we could arrange a swap when I make some . . . when I post mine let me know if you're interested.

Jan said...

I'd love to do that - swap! email me when you make some.