Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pattern Book

A project for the Sewn class is to create a pattern book. Papers for the cover are mostly scrapbook papers with some of the pattern paper I've been painting.

The inside of the cover is my painted paper. I used mostly 140lb watercolor paper as we will be painting in the book. A couple folios are different weight papers.

I added two photos. The back cover photo is my mom who taught me how to sew - using patterns. She also was big on using pattern fabrics for her clothing. I love this photo of her because it shows how much she loved to play - and that is what this class is all about. The photo on the inside cover is from a gazillion years ago when my kids were young (and so was I!) Pattern is evident in the clothes we wear - I made my pants and my daughter's outfit.

I stopped sewing clothing shortly after this photo ... a long story ... However I started sewing paper several years ago when I took a class with Traci Bautista and absolutely love it. My sewing machine is like a paint brush - a fun way to add line and texture.

Having fun with this class!


deb did it said...

oh this is super fun, right ?

Michele said...

I love the patterns you have done. I am loving this class so much and it looks like all the other "chimps" are too!

Say It In Color said...

LOVE IT....I think the diamond is my favorite shape and how I love that you added the photos!! I keep forgetting about the photos....great journal pattern book!!! And YES>>>FUN!!

Sandra Kaye said...

I think you did a fab job!!! Love your book:):)

Briana G. said...

Ooh, great idea with the sideways diamond for the title of the journal!