Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Week in Paris #6

This post is dedicated to food ... I managed to photograph most meals ... here is a sample ...
Bon appétit
Salad Nicoise ... quite tasty ... it became something I ordered frequently
Love the colors!

Soup a l'oignon - George enjoyed it. We ordered it a few times and I must admit I wasn't that impressed.
Le potage de legumes du jour - very spicy, however not very tasty - I couldn't determine which vegetables were used in this puree
Berthillian ice cream - very very good
Escalope de saumon aux morrels - absolutely delish!
George ate very Americano with steak & fries 
I love the olives served with drinks
Saumon confit, citron vert, puree de pommes de terre. The server explained to me as I ordered "the salmon is half cooked." I guess I didn't look like a raw fish eater :-). It tasted just like butter!
Caffe Veneziano - made with decaffeinated coffee which was hard to find
Vegetariana - Grilled vegetables and mozzarela cheese - 15 euro (approximately $20.00) - reminds me of the sandwich I get at Corner Bakery for $8.00 - however this was in Paris!
and look at how cute they prepare the side garnish ... check out the creative spread of balsamic vinegar!
House salad - La Jacobine - an interesting assortment. Way too much for me - I hated not taking home a doggy bag - but that is NOT done in Paris!
I can't begin to describe this hot chocolate - it was like the very best quality chocolate bar melted with cream - so worth the cost and calories!

Next up ... flowers and fashion ...

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