Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When all else fails ...

when all else fails, make a book.


The pages of this book are painted and collaged/embellished card stock. I was surprised at how well the card stock held up to pushing and pulling paint around. It also held up to adding "stuff" with gel medium and machine stitching.

The covers are painted and collaged chip board (cereal boxes). The spine is duct tape.

This book is dedicated to summer stories. Some old, some present, some future. I've already begun to play in it (which I take as a good sign as there are lots of other books laying around that have not invited me in.)

Is this how I want to spend all my time? No. But for now it will do. Flexing the creative muscle. I'm reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Laughing out loud! Her message is to show up daily and do the work, especially the s----y first drafts. These just might lead to something good/useful.

So, I'll play in my summer journals and wait for the Muse (i.e., "Real Art" ideas) to come along ... This just might keep me happy for a while.

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