Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Countdown begins

June 1st is my last official day of work this academic year. On June 4th we take off for Spain ... oh, how I can't wait. Madrid and Barcelona are the major cities we'll visit with day trips from both places.

I've been reading Mary Ann Moss' blog - going back and back and back. Interesting process. I did the same for Judy Wise. I'm fascinated with blogs about the "everyday" - the stuff that comprises our life. Of course I love reading about the travels - the big things that happen in our life. But the everyday is like the space between the big stuff. It's the important stuff ... it's what really matters.

Reading blogs is like peeking into someones life, getting a snapshot of what their life is about. I know it's only the life that's public and on display, and that there's more ... however, this satisfies my need to know more about the creative process of artists. Always interested in autobiographies, reading "back issues of blogs" fills my curiosity to see what interests them, what inspires them, and see how this inspiration informs their art.

What has amazed me from the very beginning of reading blogs is the generosity of artists to share their work and process of creating. The tutorials and videos - fascinating that so many artists share so freely.

I'll share some of my work soon. Even though I haven't blogged, I have been creating and have lots to show you.

Oh ... can anyone recommend a place for great paella in Madrid or Barcelona?

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