Thursday, October 15, 2009

Safety, Trust and Relaxation

Synchronicity is in my life big time! I'm taking three courses: The Artist's Way course, Building a Relationship with A Creative Client, and a Vision Journaling workshop with Kathryn Antyr. Week 1 topics were: Recovering a sense of safety, of relaxation, and building trust. Pretty connected, wouldn't you say?

My Creative Affirmations are
I am willing to create.
There is a divine plan of goodness for me.
I am willing to be of service through my creativity.
I am willing to experience my creative energy.
I am willing to share my creative talent.
I am open to whatever creative voice emerges.

As I set out on this journey, I am excited to be engaging with Julia Cameron's work again. I am also interested in doing this in community. I'm interested in what emerges and I'm willing to keep an open mind.

I love the morning pages, and have no problem doing them. I've already had an aha, which I'll share at another time.

My first artist date was at our Central Park. I took my notebook and pens down to a park bench intending to journal. Instead, I took full notice of colors and sounds and smells. It was interesting because I described the grass as the color of wheat ... this is not a color I have in my vocabulary. Cars traveling along the nearby street competed with the slight rustle of the trees. I was very much at peace. At this point, the connection to relaxation and trust was made. I was truly relaxed, and I trusted the process of staying at the park even though I had tons of work waiting for me.

These are two vision cards I made this week.

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