Sunday, October 04, 2009

Book #3

"Arting is the cure for grumpiness."
~ Jan Jackson

Yesterday was proof of this. I've felt listless and grumpy for days. Yesterday, I pulled out the papers I'd painted in Jill's class and decided to make another book. I painted the reverse sides, using some symbols and watercolor paint. I used a mixed media piece on heavy watercolor paper for the cover, which I also painted on the reverse side. Cut it all to size, put the papers into signatures, sewed them into the spine of the cover and voila! a new book.
So, what is so energizing about this? 1. I love the use of a different "language" - symbols from a different time and culture. Even though I tend to create my own symbols, I use them as a guide and inspiration. The symbols/text become part of the art. Because I don't know the meaning of the text, I am free to create my own story.
2. I'm enjoying working with watercolor paint, experimenting with bleeding and running. On a couple of sheets, I made crayon markings which created a resist - I like that effect. While I don't get the same intensity as acrylic paint, I like the contrast this creates when mixed together in the book.
3. The painting and doodling process is quite meditative. Because I've limited myself to using only half of the watercolor box, I don't need to think much, I can simply paint. Doing this outdoors adds to the meditative quality - the sun, an occasional bird.
4. I love making books - at least simple structure books. I've made several journals but these art books are new to me. I can choose to use it as a journal but think I'll fill it with something else as I did the others. The cover has the word "Happen" on it ... will that guide the story?
5. Speaking of story ... I tend to focus my art on technique and materials. I tend not to work from a place of story. Sometimes a story might evolve, but more often the piece is "just a piece of art" - the story is for the viewer to create. I used poems in the other two books, and I may do that again here. But I think I'll see if a story emerges that wants to be told. I can't wait too long for this story, however, or else it will "just another structure" until text is added and it becomes a book.
So, I felt a 1000% better when I wrapped up my arting session than I did at the beginning of the day. I felt energized, satisfied, fulfilled.

"Make time for art."
~ Doctor's orders

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Anonymous said...

hi, cool book!.. it sings :)
and that quote is so spot on.. always lifts me out of a grump ;)