Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goodbye to Summer

Yesterday I worked in my art journals all day.

The poem inspired the art

I was feeling the need for solitude after a day of being in community. I don't know why I'm like that ... but I was fortunate that G. went shopping with my daughter and granddaughter, leaving me alone for a while. I stayed in my pj's until we went out to dinner :-).

I'll probably do some journaling on these pages

I'm feeling a little "down" because summer is over for me. And now I regret all I didn't do. Like the three unfinished art quilts on the design wall. Or the set of digital photo books I'd planned. Or the creativity e-book that my friends is waiting to put on her website.

Of course I had a wonderful trip and a great art retreat. And the days I "wandered aimlessly" were restful and restorative and fun.

I'm finding it harder to return to school this year. Partially because it's another year of "administration" (final one!) and also because I'm so close to ending my full-time working status. While I'm grateful to have a job, a mostly wonderful job, it is tough facing a calendar already filled with meetings and appointments.
I've carved out course development days (a creative activity) and I'm hoping to keep Creativity Fridays. I'm making a list of playdates - ones I'll take by myself in the true sense of the Artist's Dates (Julia Cameron). And my group of Creativity Playdate friends will continue - our next date is "Intuitive Art: Exploring Creative Problem Solving" with Odile Nicolette.

My vision page - making the time for balance

I'll continue my courses through Creativity Coaching Association. I believe the next course is developing a creative practice, which is quite timely as I think about developing a visual/creative journaling course. The idea is really pulling me in, combining my love of journaling with imagery and creative elements and bringing that to others. It's an idea I had years ago, when I was simply using words to journal. I know, a gazillion others are doing this but there just may be room for one more. Who knows, I may begin with bringing the creative elements to my students leadership journals.

I do intend to blog on the creativity and the creative process and hopefully inspire someone to create something ... anything. The world needs us creatives!


kartika said...

I love your blog and thanks for visiting me - I just took out a number of books on altered books - love them and that medium - I do art journals that are somewhat like them but these are so very embellished and amazing - they take it to a whole new level - thanks and come back and visit again!

kartika said...

Jan, I really relate to you! What you describe is the classic creative versus structured life of "trying to live responsibly in the world" tension. I would love to spend all my days just creating - I want work to feel like play - I do have a full time job for which I'm grateful - need that paycheck, but still it takes up lots of time I'd rather be exploring my other life more deeply! Kartika

miss*R said...

I'm feeling a little "down" because summer is over for me. And now I regret all I didn't do never have regrets! summer time is a time to be outside, so that your body self can get some warmth and fresh air and all those good things that come with summer time.. salt water walks on the beach...
now you are coming into the winter time.. you can do all those things you mention.

thanks for visiting my blog!