Saturday, August 18, 2007

Connections 1

Inspired by Sonji Hunt, this piece has been a LOT of FUN! I was curious about how to make a quilt that had floating pieces -- how to connect them. I love Sonji's architectural pieces that are so connected and disconnected. I also had purchased some of her painted fabrics, which I added to some fabric that I painted and began playing. Each "block" is a mini-quilt with top fabric, heavy interfacing, and cotton duck back fabric. Because it's painted fabric, each of the mini-quilts were quite sturdy. I did some decorative quilting, not a lot because I wanted to focus on the connections. To connect I used eyelets and wire, floss, I machine stitched some sections together, and added hand cross stitches in other areas. Some sections are stitched to a heavy netting that a friend brought me from Brazil. I cut it away except for the middle section. I haven't yet thought out how to hang this. Right now it's attached to foam core board, which provides a nice black background. It's called Connections 1 because I definitely will explore further ways to creatively link "blocks." Thanks, Sonji, for being such an inspiration!


Sonji Hunt said...

Thank you for the compliment, Jan. Great idea using the netting. Your design is very fabric flattering.

kay susan said...

You did a good job. Sonji will be proud of you!