Thursday, July 05, 2007

Art Lessons Continued

Last week's art lessons were all about color. I must say I didn't enjoy the "lessons" much and kept doing other stuff. Is there some resistance to this? Do I just want to have fun???

Here is a monochromatic study. One of theings I realize is that my stash of fabric doesn't include a lot of contrast. However I did use 8 blue fabrics.
and here is one of my favorite color combinations -- purple and yellow. I love this contrasting combination. There are 7 violets and 6 yellows
this was a study in analogous colors -- reds and violoets. I made a large crazy patchwork piece, using purples and reds, which I used for the cutouts. The background has 7 fabrics. I placed the cutouts on a neutral yellowish fabric for contrast.
I do like working with black and white. I added to my stash of b/w fabrics so I'd have more of a range. I also love a pop of red.
for this one I concentrated on a radiating composition and tried to gain contrast with the black and white fabrics.
Viewing each piece, especially once they are on the computer, allows me to see how I could improve them. I suppose that is what these lessons are all about!
One of the things I'm realizing is that working in a series would be really helpful to "master" something ... I admire all the series created by many of the art fabric artists. I even bought Deborah's book. My problem is that I'm always trying something new ... so I'd need to give some serious thought to what I'd really like to "master."

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