Friday, June 22, 2007

Playing with shapes and lines a la Matisse

So inspired was I with working with shapes that I decided to create my very own Matisse, with fabric. Following Beasts of the Sea by Henri Matisse, 1950, I created the two outer panels that closely resemble the original. The middle panel is my own creation. Of course, fabric creates a different texture than paper, as will embellishments added later on.
I know I'm not supposed to be doing any more "copying" ... however, this was too much fun to pass up. This is the most playful fabric collage I've made. And, as I ponder what in art brings me joy, I can definitely say this is something I want to do more of!
So, this concludes my art lessons for this week ...
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Vicki W said...

Great piece! I'm very impressed with all of your art lessons this week.

Nellie's Needles said...

I especially like your figures. There's so much action in them. You can't help but find the lines and gestures that are "you" in all these excercises.

Sarah said...

Oh, this is fantastic!