Monday, April 16, 2007

The theme for the March Journal Quilt is meditating on peace. Inspired by abstract art, I wanted to play with abstract placement of batiks on a background of text. The background is hand painted muslin (acrylic paints) written on with sharpies. That was fused to black cotton to provide somewhat of a border. I fused the batiks to create a geometric design. In two of the pieces, I cut holes and layered voile under the holes. I placed the quilt top on a piece of felt, because this is a journal quilt page and I didn’t feel the need for batting (a mistake). I quilted the top using circular spiral design in variegated yellow cotton thread, turning the piece because I still don’t do free motion stitching. I would have liked a more dimensional piece, which I would have gotten had I used batting. I then added hand stitching with embroidery floss and beaded the peace sign. I placed the quilt top on backing fabric and machine stitched around some of the shapes with variegated colored thread, which I also used for the zigzag stitching along the edge.

Like: I like the idea of the piece, the printed text background. I like the holes. I like the way the text shows but you can’t really read it. I like the circular stitching to counter the geometric shapes. I like the beaded peace sign. I like the way the pieces “intrude” into the border. Like the color choices.

Dislike: The scale of the two major lines is too thin. The middle piece should be larger and more prominent. The scale of writing is too large for the size of the piece. Very flat, not much dimension (other than the beading). Very busy, little focus.

New Techniques: Writing text on fabric. Circular spiral stitching.

Text: Imagine peace. Visualize peace. Teach peace. Think peace. Act peacefully. Make art for peace. Feel peace. See peace. Walk for peace. Sing for peace. Dance for peace. Peace not war. Make art not war. Educator for peace. Mother for peace. Grandmother for peace. War is not the only option. Dialogue for peace. Amazing peace. Peace in my soul. Piece for peace. Stitch for peace. Partner with peace. Dream of peace. Time for peace. “Peace is not just the absence of war.” “Peace will enter when hate is gone.” Walk the talk of peace. “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and be calm in your heart.”
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Kathy Wagner said...

I like how you have analyzed this piece...the things you like and dislike, and the new techniques you incorporated. I would like to do this with new work in my journal. Thanks for the idea!
And your chosen text is wonderful.