Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is a preview of the art quilt I’ve begun working on. The blocks are pieced; the hearts are cut and ready for their embellishments. This time I made a list of things I needed to consider prior to starting:

1. Size – I started with the notion of 8x8” blocks but that seemed to large when I began. So I decided on 6x6” blocks. Therefore the size will be approximately 24x24 with borders.
2. Background color – if the blocks are to be raw edge appliquéd onto a background fabric. It turns out that I changed the design to piece the blocks and not need a background color.
3. Coordinating fabrics for the blocks – decided on yellows, blues, reds, greens (my favorite colors!)
4. Backing fabric
5. Heart colors – needed to provide enough contrast with the block colors – decided on pinks, roses, reds
6. Thread colors (for quilting)
7. Type of binding
8. Where is the quilt going to live in my house – this will (?) affect colors (?)
9. Border??

So far, I’ve changed my mind a couple of times. I was going to appliqué the blocks with very raw edges (fringy threads) to the background piece. I decided to piece the blocks instead and make some of the hearts “fringy” … more about my choices later.
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