Monday, January 29, 2007

Expressions of Joy #2

I did most of the hand stitching and embroidery before adding the backing fabric so there would be so many threads and knots, and also because of the “list” sewn to the back. I did, however, outline a few petal leaves in the border after the quilt construction just to make some handwork evident.

I spent approximately 20 hours on this quilt. I could have done more embellishment (and probably will do some more), but I wanted to meet my “deadline” and take it with me to dinner at my daughter’s last night. They LOVED it. Even Sydney was looking at it and naming the people on it. The big question this morning is do I backtrack and do one for her 1st year? Or do I go forward and start collecting photos for this year’s. I like the idea of her having a collection of these. Because I have so many ideas and quilts in progress, I doubt I’ll go back …
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I’ve called it “Expressions of Joy” – since she was born, Sydney has had a very expressive face. She loves life and the images on this quilt show that.

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