Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Music Maker

I finally finished this piece, which I’ve called The Music Maker. It is for George’s birthday, which was early November. I suppose the creative process works on it’s own timeframe. I designed it the weekend of his birthday but because of work and other projects, and because of the beading which I can’t do at night because I just don’t have the right light or setup, it took one month. (Wow, three "because" in that sentence!) I like the way the colors pop on the black background. I’m going to put it on black foamboard (?) and then put that in a black frame. I think it look sharp.

This is the third piece created from Susan Sorrell’s Fiber Collage class. My major learning from that class was hand stitching/embroidery and beading. Now I can’t imagine not adding hand stitching to an art quilt. In fact, I want to go back to pieces I thought were completed and add some stitching with embroidery floss for additional texture. I may not add beads to everything but I also like that as additional dimension.

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